Web dressings – purchases of the future

British engineers built scanners that create a three-dimensional image of the body, so shopping for clothes on the Internet will not be anything different from shopping in stores fitting rooms. Using these possibilities, the shoppers will be able to try on clothes, even in several stores without leaving home. Such technology is already used by several existing stores. It will make it easier for people to search for a suitable purchase and the correct size.

The latest idea of the engineers from London is to use standard video cameras, the ones that are mounted in laptops or mobile phones. Creating a virtual fitting room with a virtual mirror was due to the fact that the market for online sales of clothing was much lower compared with other industries, such as electronics, books and household appliances.

Besides the clothes bought in online stores were often returned because people were not able to try them on. It happened that as much as 60% of purchased clothing was donated to the online stores. To take advantage of the new way of shopping, one needs to enter their height and send a picture of the silhouette taken via a web camera or smartphone. On this basis, a three-dimensional model of a man is created.

The creators of virtual sales also allowed for omitting the inconsistent sizes while shopping. Those who wish to do some shopping in real stores will also be able to benefit from the new technology.

Virtual fitting has been already installed in several stores in the UK and the US. The virtual mirror is no different from the usual. When a buying person stands before it, the computer downloads the selected image of a piece of clothing from the catalog and adds our reflection.

Therefore, the client does not need to look for clothes on the shelves, undress nor dress. Other systems of a virtual fitting room allow the buyer to choose accessories, such as handbags, sunglasses or jewelry that match the dress and appearance of a person. The vendors predict that, despite these features, some customers will not benefit from it.

The ones accustomed to the old way of buying opt for traditional shopping and the existing changing rooms. For others, however, it will be a way to save time and a great fun. Most people, especially men, will be eager to use the new purchase opportunities.

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