Technological progress. Why do we buy unnecessary things?

Increasingly common is a tendency to buy new things, not for the fact that the old items are damaged, but because of the appearance of the new model. Mobile phoness, vacuum cleaners, televisions, monitors, computers… the list goes on and on. Technological progress is so fast that when buying a computer, in principle, after a year, you have to replace it with a new one to run the latest games at the highest quality. Firms are competing in the continuous improvement of all electronic equipment. Vacuum cleaners have better filters, mobile phones screens, and TV without 3D is already obsolete.

World is set only on consumerism and, according to contemporary idols and fashion as well as the Joneses, nothing else is important.

Several years ago, the dream of the majority of people was to have the plasma TV. Today, this TV must have HDMI input, LED backlighting, the ability to use WiFi, 3D technology and a lot of other more or less useful functions, which more than half of the users do not know.

These days, instead of a dozen remote controls to handle all the electronics in the house (including the gate and shutters), a smart phone with the installed application to handle “smart home” is enough for us. If we go on vacation, we can remotely control heating and watch live images from the cameras.

Is technological progress an opportunity to develop and improve our security, or a way for quick and relatively easy money made from customers loving conspicuous consumption?

Knowing the financial expenditures used to promote new products, or even the scale of their promotion, it is hard not to get the impression that it is all about the money. The recipient has to buy something without thinking whether it is needed or not. New products often differ by only packaging, whereas the contents remain the same.

Most camera buyers do not think about the lens, matrix, nor display, but pays attention only to the number of megapixels, which in no way is a determinant to obtain good quality images, and it is apparently so important only because it is constantly promoted in commercials.

Consumerism is, therefore, a global disease, and the buyer, a small part within a great machine, which is designed to continuously generate more and more profits.

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