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Shopping directly with Chinese manufacturers is very popular nowadays and this trend is truly increasing. There are many advantages to making such purchases. First of all, buying directly at the source saves us money, and, in addition, we can often bypass the requirement to pay high taxes.

In fact, the significant savings are the biggest advantage that cannot be overshadowed by the fact that one needs to wait for quite some time for packages from China. There are many portals offering Europeans the opportunity to buy in China, but among the most popular ones Geekbuying is enjoying increasing interest. What does this portal offer and why is it worth using? – what is it and what does the portal offer?

Geekbuying website. Source: internet store is probably emerging currently as a serious competitor of Aliexpress, a store well-known and readily chosen for years. An important advantage of the portal is the high level of its neatness. Many people even think that using this very store is much easier, as it allows to find interesting offers quickly and select those with the best price.

What is important, though, a big advantage of this portal is the fact that it has storage warehouses located in various regions of Europe. This means that in some cases we can order Chinese goods with Chinese pricing but much shorter delivery time, since they are already in Europe.

It is clear, however, that is largely geared towards electronics in the broad sense of the word, although we will also find some other items and objects related to furnishing homes and apartments. The structure of the service very much resembles many internet stores known around the world, which means that even when shopping there for the first time we should not have problems figuring out the interface. Of course, we are still buying products directly from their manufacturers, without any middlemen, and thus at pricing much lower than at one’s local store.

Step-by-step shopping guide for Geekbuying

We have already mentioned the unmistakable simplicity of the entire interface of the store, and this simplicity also translates directly to the ease of shopping itself. However, if someone still has problems, we will now try to show in a few steps how to make one’s first purchase and be sure that there will not be any issues.

Step 1

The first step should be setting up a user account in the internet store, although in this case it is not absolutely required on order to make a purchase. One can still shop without logging in but having an account provides access to discounts, rebates and promotional offers, and our shopping is also much more secure. The account is free and setting it up requires only inputting some basic personal information.

Step 2

Once we have an account, we can start selecting the items we wish to purchase. After choosing them, we simply add the products to a virtual shopping cart, the same exact way as in most internet stores. Of course, the cart can contain many items from different sellers. When the shopping list is complete, we can move on to the checkout.

Step 3

At this stage, we can decide if we will shop without logging in or with our own account. Shopping without logging in means that we will need to fill out the entire form with shipping details, and the only payment option will be PayPal.

In the case of shopping after logging in the situation is clearer. The form with shipping details will autocomplete based on the information provided at the time of setting up the account. Of course, changing the shipping information is not a problem. As logged-in users, we can also take advantage of various discount codes, which should be typed into a special field shown for this purpose.

Also, an additional option appears to pay with a credit card, which is not available when shopping without logging in. The last step here will be the summary of the entire order. After confirming the information and selecting the desired payment option we will be redirected to the payment system.

Step 4

In this way we have reached the end of our shopping process. After paying for the order, we will, of course, receive the number (or numbers) to track the packages shipped from China or from the European warehouses. In this way, we can conveniently monitor what is going on with our package.

TAX and customs-related questions

Assortmet. Source:

Of course, each instance of purchasing from Chinese manufacturers brings up questions about VAT and, first of all, customs duties, which can be quite painful. In the case of the truth is the same as in any other store of this kind. A lot simply depends on our luck. Although the likelihood of adding TAX at the border is quite high, customs duties may work out in different ways.

If the package is held for clearing through customs, we will pay this fee when picking it up. Of course, many sellers intentionally lower the declared value of the packages in order to decrease the risk of adding customs duties, but it is always possible that a customs officer will check and open our package at the border.

Customs duties are not a concern only if the goods purchased in the store will be shipped to us from one of the European warehouses; the number of such offers on Geekbuying is constantly growing.

What guarantees can the buyer count on?

Many people praise this internet store for the high level of security they feel, and, of course, the portal promotes itself as a secure one as well. Here is a valuable tip. When purchasing more expensive items on the store’s website, it is really worth taking advantage of the insurance program offered by the portal.

During placing the order, a field will appear that will allow to add insurance for an extra fee. In the case of more valuable orders, we will gain the assurance of a refund if there are problems. It is also worth choosing PayPal payments instead of the credit card, since that first option makes it much easier later on to receive the refund.

In many cases, pricing can be very attractive is especially recommended by those who like to order electronics via advance sales, that is before the equipment is officially premiered. In many cases, one can count on really competitive pricing here.

In reality, the portal is worth recommending to anybody who orders various items in China. Many times the pricing may turn out to be lower than on competing portals, frequently even significantly lower.

Is it worth shopping? Short summary

It is impossible to give a clear-cut answer if purchasing through the store is worth recommending. Everybody must answer this question for themselves, and, first of all, calculate if purchasing a given item in China is really worthwhile.

It is always good to take into consideration the risk of paying full tax on our purchases. Sometimes it may turn out that buying directly from the domestic seller will be just a bit more expensive but with more certainty. Either way, it is an interesting alternative to Aliexpress and if we like to shop in China, it is good to compare prices regularly.

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  1. many things are really cheaper than on Ali, at least among those I generally buy in China. Curious about the quality. Does stuff come from manufacturers themselves or do other companies post there as well?

  2. How is the security of financial transactions on this portal? I don’t trust online payments that much, but shopping in China doesn’t really give any other options. Let me know how it goes.

  3. hello everybody. Do you have to wait for packages on this portal as long as at Aliexpress? Also, are they tracked in any reasonable way, is there a tracking number?


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